Welcome to the Wonderful World of Clumbers!

Our most recent litter of puppies were born on June 3rd 2015 (four girls and two boys)!!  Please vist our Puppies page and view our pictures and videos of the pups!

We, at Helices Clumber Spaniels, are dedicated to producing healthy puppies with wonderful temperaments with a particular interest in hunting.  Although typically described as being "reserved" with strangers, we do our best to socialize our puppies by taking them into stores, where ever possible, in a baby carrying "pouch".  Puppies are handled daily for weighings from the day they are born until they are a month of age.  Once the puppies have opened their eyes we join them in the puppy room for play and feeding (which ever comes first).  All of our puppies and adults are registered with the AKC.  

While choosing a canine companion, we wanted a breed who would be very excited when company arrived at our home, and calm down once they had become accustomed to the presence of our guests.  We also wanted a breed who would be friendly towards everyone he or she met.  Last but not least, we wanted our canine family members to enjoy kissing and cuddling .... especially the latter, on those cold winter nights.

Clumbers can be very stubborn and can be determined to get their way in the world!  As with a human child, Clumber parents must be equally determined to get their way.  However, it is important to be firm but NOT abusive towards your Clumber!!  No individual, canine or human, will respond well to harsh treatment.  We, as breeders, are available to consult with you if you should encounter any unwanted behaviors, or have any concerns, about your Clumber family member!